Melissa’s career in the entertainment business as a celebrity stylist goes back 15 years, working with many clients such as Brad Pitt, Leo Di Caprio, Cate Blanchett, Kate Winslet, Hilary Swank, Will Smith, Forrest Whittaker, Annie Lennox and Keith Urban.

Melissa has also done high end product based commercials,music videos and advertising, as well as over 40 magazine covers and editorials. She has a degree in fashion design and art and has over fifteen years of experience in the fashion industry.

Melissa frequented art galleries and museums all of her life, and has been painting since the age of 2. She was in the L.A. county museum, turned a corner, and one of Mark Rothko’s paintings was staring at her.

The next day she was at the art store buying paint, brushes, canvas, and ready to pick up where she left off long ago. She started with black, white and grey, but by her second painting she had graduated to color… “I thought the world and my wardrobe needed some color”.

The company name and logo came easy...elvis laskin is my orange tabby boy kitty who is very creative himself. As well as leaving his paw prints around my world, he is talented in his own right. He personally knows 30 words, and is very curious, yet supportive, while I paint. It's not until I get the final loud MEOW from him, do we call the painting finished. because of Elvis, and my love of animals, a portion of the proceeds will help fund animal charities.

elvislaskin, the apparel line, is born bringing color, fun, and print into a mostly solid colored world.

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